"Sound without rhythm is noise"


Music first. Nothing comes before. When I hear productions and mixes I want to feel it, the atmosphere and excitement that other will feel. Not the tools and tricks that make a producer's job easier. Its my job as a professional disc jockey to find the body of a project that makes it unique and accentuates the positivity of music. It is my goal to deal with any type of situation that may get in the way of that vision and the enjoyment of the people.
I take great pride in offering top quality Event DJ Services, club DJ, tour DJ, company get togethers, house parties,holiday parties, school events, wedding and any other special events.


As a musician myself, I have acquired the ability to navigate an arrangement effortlessly while upping my mixing skills to another level.

Feel free to contact me for any event.

Tel: + 1 519 722 2489


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